How-To Videos

8 Simple Tips To Create Short Smart Phone Ministry Videos (Our First How-To Video!)

Welcome to our first-ever How-To Video! In this short presentation I walk through 8 essential tips that will help you create better, more effective short-form videos for your church or ministry.

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“Will The Congregation Come Back?” Should Not Be Our Biggest Concern (6 Better Questions)

Whether people come back through our church doors is not the big issue. How we honor Jesus by reaching the hurting people outside our doors is what matters.

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5 Essential Lessons For Young Pastors Leading Older Churches

There are very few callings that are more laden with minefields than a young pastor called to serve an older church. But if it’s done well it can be extremely rewarding, for both the young pastor and the older church.

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Church & Culture

3 Steps To Culture Change In A Small Church (Hint: It’s Different Than A Big Church)

There may be nothing more important to the mission of a church than having a healthy culture. And that culture, conscious or not, is the linchpin that holds any congregation together – or tears it apart.

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What To Do When Life And Ministry Feel Overwhelming

Life feels overwhelming right now. But even when we’re experiencing a good kind of overwhelming, we can’t live there for long. If we don’t deal with it properly, it has the potential to go really bad, really fast.

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