Videos for Small Church Leaders

Enjoy the following instructional videos and feel free to use them for church leadership groups as well. More will be added regularly. Click on any title to go to the original post where each video first appeared. Several of them have downloadable, printable notes to go with them.


The Grasshopper Myth? On TBN? Really?

This interview between Phil Munsey and Karl Vaters is a good introduction to The Grasshopper Myth and the ministry of It also stands on its own as an encouragement to Small Church members and pastors. It lets them know it’s possible to be OK where God put you, without settling for less.


How Your Small Church Can Do a Great Community Service Day

Serve Day. Share Day. Community Service Day. Whatever you call it, getting your congregation to take a Sunday afternoon to go out into the community to serve people in practical, agenda-free ways is valuable to your church and your community. This video was recorded by Karl Vaters at one of the twice-a-year Share Days done by the church he pastors, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, of Fountain Valley, California. It gives some great ideas for doing a day of your own. Click here for the original post to get more info on the ministries they support in this video.


Thinking Like a Great Small Church

A Small Church can be a great church. But how? In this video from the Small Church Pastors’ Workshop, Karl Vaters walks through a handful of starter ideas that virtually any church can implement to start thinking like a great Small Church. Principles that are covered include: how a Small Church can be a great church without settling for less, the three undeniable realities of pastoral ministry, how to discover and implement your church’s unique mission, and the Closet Rule for keeping churches fresh and vibrant. Click here for the original video post, including printable notes.


The First Step In Turning Your Small Church Around

In this video from the Small Church Pastors’ Workshop, Karl talks about learning to listen to God and each other. Principles that are covered include: the Acts 2 method for hearing God’s heart together, how to find God’s will by listening to each other, finding the sweet spot for a healthy church turnaround, and when to write a mission statement. Click here for the original video post, including printable notes and projectable slides.


Building a Strong Leadership Team in a Small Church

Karl Vaters and Gary Garcia, his Youth Pastor of 21+ years, talk candidly about their differences, their common ground and how they’ve used their relationship as a basis to teach and train volunteers, leaders and other church workers.


The Value of Pastoral Networking and Delegation

Frank Wooden, of Hope Church in San Diego, shares how he and his church have led a group of Small Church pastors to overcome their differences, support each other, plant churches and reach new communities. Principles that are covered include: the value of vision, turning dysfunctional church members into functional disciples, and using smallness as an advantage.


The Value of a Lean and Mean Church

Bob Kilpatrick is most well know as the writer of the worship classic “(In My Life) Lord Be Glorified“. Bob travels the world in worship ministry and pastors a Small Church in Northern California. Principles Bob covers in his short talk, include The Rule of 120, building community in the presence of God, and what church history and furniture tell us about what the church values.


Small Doors Lead to Big Ministry

Joel Kilpatrick is most well known as the owner/writer of, the world’s leading satirical Christian news site. Joel draws on his experiences to bring a fresh perspective to ministries that seem small, but have great value.

Principles that are covered include: writing and speaking for a heavenly audience, how expectations/realities for first-time writers are very similar to expectations/realities for pastoral ministry, and how much of Jesus’ ministry was about smallness.


The Church that Cares for Kids

Dan Epperson is the lead pastor at King’s View Assembly of God in the mountain community of Ione, California, where they’ve become known as The Church that Cares for Kids. But that’s not the only outward-reaching ministry he and the church do. Karl Vaters interviewed Dan in, of all places, the coffee shop of a megachurch where they’d gathered for a minister’s conference.


All these videos are also available at Karl Vaters’ YouTube Channel

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