Can a Pastor Change the Culture of a Small Church? (Podcast Ep 3)

A church’s culture is defined as “the unwritten set of rules that governs everything a church does.” In a big church, the pastor and staff set the culture, but in a small church the culture is set by the long-time regular members and attenders – even if they don’t know they’re doing it.

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The Biggest Challenge For Pastors Of Healthy Churches Right Now

In some situations, the pastors of unhealthy churches may be taking better care of their own spiritual, emotional, physical and relational health than the pastors of strong, healthy churches. Here’s why.

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We Have A Podcast! Here Are The First 3 Episodes

Why would someone create a podcast called “Can This Work In A Small Church?” Because small churches are different.

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Christian Unity

11 Questions To Help You Distinguish A Pot-Stirrer From A Peacemaker

There are people who regularly find themselves in the middle of conflicts. Some come across as peacemakers but are actually pot-stirrers. Here are some ways to tell the difference.

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Small Churches

How To Make More High-Quality, Low-Cost Resources Available To Small Churches

Small churches should not be an afterthought when we’re creating resources, they should be seen as what they are – an essential ingredient in how God works in the world.

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