5 Essential Lessons For Young Pastors Leading Older Churches

There are very few callings that are more laden with minefields than a young pastor called to serve an older church. But if it’s done well it can be extremely rewarding, for both the young pastor and the older church.

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Church & Culture

3 Steps To Culture Change In A Small Church (Hint: It’s Different Than A Big Church)

There may be nothing more important to the mission of a church than having a healthy culture. And that culture, conscious or not, is the linchpin that holds any congregation together – or tears it apart.

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What To Do When Life And Ministry Feel Overwhelming

Life feels overwhelming right now. But even when we’re experiencing a good kind of overwhelming, we can’t live there for long. If we don’t deal with it properly, it has the potential to go really bad, really fast.

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Small Churches

Yes, I Want Our Small Congregation To Grow – But . . .

Work for numerical growth. But don’t put so much energy into a hoped-for future that you shortchange your right-now life and ministry.

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How An Unspoken Justin Bieber Joke Taught Me To Treat Everyone As An Image-Bearer

I not have the right to treat any other human being badly, I have an extra obligation not to pile on to someone who’s already receiving so much hurtful attention. No amount of adulation or money can balance that ledger in a person’s heart.

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