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Innovative Ministry

Important But Inadequate: Navigating The Paradox Of Online Church

Online church is extremely important, but it is also woefully inadequate. This is a paradox we need to embrace. The downsides are real, but the upsides are worth it. So how do we take advantage of the good while reducing the bad? Here are a few ideas.

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Small Churches

Why The Church Must Embrace Its “Long Tail” Of Small Congregations

Small churches are the engine that drives the body of Christ around the world. It’s not that big churches don’t play an important role. They certainly do. But the role of small churches can’t be denied. Small churches are the Long Tail in the body of Christ.

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How-To Videos

How To Pre-Schedule A Facebook Post

Technology is always changing. There was a time when printing a new bulletin every week was a cutting-edge technical advancement. Now, the online bulletin is quickly becoming the standard.

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10 Things Churches Stopped During Lockdowns That We Don’t Need to Restart (And 6 We Do)

Yes, we need to gather. But one of the big lessons of this past year is that the health of a church is not determined by how many people show up. Don’t start obsessing over attendance numbers again.

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Church & Culture

The End Of Relevant Church And The Rise Of Contextual Ministry

Chasing relevance makes our churches look the same in ways we should be different – from each other and from the culture.

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