If Big Givers Don’t Come Back To Church

Recently, a reader asked, “What should a small church pastor do if big givers refuse to give anymore?”

My answer? Focus on three key areas where we should be focusing anyway.

Simplification, discipleship and generosity.

What To Do If Church Volunteers Don’t Come Back For A While

Your volunteers need to know that they matter more than their skillset. That their presence is valued more than their talents. Don’t judge the success or failure of your ministry by what you’re not able to do.

7 Ways To Reach The People Who Aren’t Coming Back To Church

Here’s the challenge for every church right now. Offer the best online church service you can, while making the in-person experience so compelling that everyone who watches will be excited about showing up in person.

7 Reasons Some People Might Not Come Back To Church

As nice as it feels to see so many church members again, there are some who we won’t see for a while, and others who don’t ever plan to come back to church again. The question is, “why?”