Small Churches

What makes Small Churches unique?

7 Dangers Of Romanticizing The Small Church

If the first job of leadership is to define reality, belittling small churches is not realistic. Neither is idealizing or romanticizing them. We must see them accurately so we can serve and lead them well. What Is A Small Church?

What Is A Small Church? (An Updated Definition)

There are two types of small churches. The church of 50 (give or take 50) and the church of 150 (give or take 50). Each has different strengths, needs and ways of being led. Both matter.

Why The Church Must Embrace Its “Long Tail” Of Small Congregations

Small churches are the engine that drives the body of Christ around the world. It’s not that big churches don’t play an important role. They certainly do. But the role of small churches can’t be denied. Small churches are the Long Tail in the body of Christ.