Why Your Church Needs A Website And Social Media, with Josh Givens (Podcast Ep 025)

Josh and Karl talk about the importance of having, not just a Facebook page OR a website, but both – even in a small church.

So, your church has a Facebook page? In a small church, that should be enough of an online presence, right? Wrong.

It finally happened! The answer to the question, “Can This Work In A Small Church?” isn’t “yes”! (Well, not entirely, anyway.)

Find out why in this interview with Josh Givens. Karl interviews Josh about why having a Facebook page isn’t enough, no matter what size your church may be.

Topics include:

  • The importance of getting online
  • Why we must stay connected to the people we meet there
  • Why we must invest money and time to own online real estate (a website)
  • The importance of the pastor’s personal online presence
  • How much your church communicates before people step inside the building

Josh is the Communications Director for 614Ministries.org and for Northside Bible Church, a healthy small congregation in the outskirts of Mobile Alabama.

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