Karl Vaters

How To Worship Jesus When You Don’t Like The Music

There’s extraordinary power and blessing when we set aside our preferences and choose to actively engage in our role as facilitators of worship – helping others get closer to Jesus.

9 Ways To Be A More Proactive Pastor This Year

This is a time of great challenges. And it may get harder before it gets better. But this is also a time when your unchurched neighbors are feeling a need for hope, connection and real-world solutions more than ever before.

The Bible Reading Coach Begins! (Intro and Week 1)

If you’ve ever tried, but failed to read through the entire Bible, we’re here to help. Follow our weekly podcast as we guide you from Genesis to Revelation. This time, you’ll finish.

Bonus Episode: Introducing The Bible-Reading Coach Podcast!

A very special preview of our brand-new, year-long, Bible-Reading Coach podcast, including how we solve the three biggest problems people face when they start reading the Bible. This time, you’ll finish.