Technology, Ministry, and Keeping People’s Attention, with Rick Hiemstra (Podcast Ep 034)

What is the internet doing to our brains, our relationships and our ability to minister? Rick Hiemstra has the stats. And some hopefulness.

This week I interviewed Rick Hiemstra, a former small church pastor, now serving as the Director of Research at the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

Rick and I talk about a wide variety of subjects, including the Church Growth Movement, technology and how it has affected the way we approach pastoring.

Some helpful insights include:

  • What has people’s attention is what shapes them, and technology has radically altered what has our attention
  • How technology has shaped people’s expectations for their church and their pastor
  • How technology subconsciously changed pastors from shepherds to content producers
  • The important difference between “growth” and “scale”
  • How small churches are especially suited to meet the changing needs of a world whose attention is so easily diverted

And much more.

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