The Unseen Church Is Praying Today

Prayer is the glue that holds us together. The hope that seeps in through the broken parts. The light that overcomes the darkness.

If I Unfriend You, Here’s Why

If you have a hard time fighting for your side without mocking people on the other side, you need to reconsider your argument. It may not be as strong as you think.

Why I Don’t Preach Politics (A Follow-Up with Q & R)

For a guy who doesn’t preach on politics, my recent post about not preaching on politics sure has me talking a lot about politics lately.

Last week, I wrote My Silence Is Not Compliance: Why I Don’t Preach Politics from the Pulpit. It generated some great responses on blogs, social media, email, even a radio interview.

Many were very supportive. But even those that expressed disagreement did so with genuine concern and civility. I’m very grateful for that.

For today’s post I’ve assembled some of the most frequent questions that I’ve received, along with my responses to them.