The Most Important Principle For Your Church To Get Right This (And Every) Year

Live for Jesus.

That’s it, pastors and church leaders.

That’s the principle.

Live for Jesus.

Everything else flows from that.

Put Jesus first.

Seek him and his glory, not your own platform.

Follow him and his teaching, not your own ideas.

Lead the congregation according to Christlike principles, not the latest business model.

Resist The Pull To Compromise

There are so many other things that want to compete for our time and attention.

From the current political battle, to the latest trend, to the relentless tug of extra-biblical tradition.

There’s always something trying to tell us we can do both. That we can have our preferences alongside Jesus.

That’s the comprise which must be resisted.

Nothing stands alongside Jesus without eventually replacing him in our hearts, actions and motivations.

There’s Never Too Much Jesus

It’s too easy to think “Yeah, I know. I’ve got this,” and move along to something else.

But there is nothing else to move along to.

You’ll never get enough of Jesus, you’ll never be able to teach too much about Jesus, and none of us will ever live enough like Jesus that we can say “Yeah, I know. I’ve got this.”

The closer I get to Jesus, the more I want nothing but him. And the more determined I am to resist anything that would replace, reduce, overshadow or compete with seeing Jesus shine through me.

So, this year and every year, let’s renew our commitment to the one principle that we must always get right. No matter what else may change, this must not.

Live for Jesus.

Get that right and you get everything right.

(Photo by Oskars Sylwan | Unsplash)

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2 thoughts on “The Most Important Principle For Your Church To Get Right This (And Every) Year”

  1. Thank you, Karl. So true that we can get wound up with so many other secondary issues. Jesus must be #1 for healthy Christianity.

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