2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Preach Politics (A Follow-Up with Q & R)”

  1. “For reasons I don’t understand, the Lord has led me and my church to do a lot of hands-on ministry with alcoholics, drug addicts, homosexuals, divorcees, abuse survivors, abortion victims, Republicans, Democrats and more.”

    I’m not sure why you would say “for reasons I don’t understand”. I don’t think this kind of hard work, flesh destroying “love and good works” flows from a vacuum of understanding. This function is the fulfillment, the culmination of preaching and teaching. It is in the conversations during these “hands-on times when the gospel is preached and the word taught by example. When you do this you don’t need to say much. Most preaching and teaching with words is preaching to the choir. If the choir is unable to reproduce what they have been taught to others, then there is a severe problem with the preaching. If the choir is able to reproduce it, then they don’t need another dose just because we’ve always done it that way. I remember Howard Hendricks saying “the world is weary of words”. I would add the saints are mostly overdosed on words.

    1. I don’t think this work “flows from a vacuum of understanding” either, Tim. My lack of understanding is just a declaration that I don’t claim to know why God gives one church this task, while a different church has another task – and that we didn’t seek it out. That’s all.

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