We’re Starting A Podcast! “Can This Work In A Small Church?” (Video Preview)

When we listen to a podcast from our big church friends, the often-unanswered question is, “this seems like a great idea, but can this work in a small church?” So that’s the title of our new podcast. “Can This Work In A Small Church?”

Since starting this ministry for small church leaders, one of the themes that comes up regularly is how different it is to pastor a small church than a big church.

When we read a church leadership book or blog, attend a conference or listen to a podcast that comes from a big church perspective, the often-unanswered question is, “this seems like a great idea. And it looks like it works for you and your ministry, but…

“Can this work in a small church?”

So that’s the title of our brand new podcast!


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New episodes are available once a week. Hosted by Karl Vaters.

here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming.

Why This Question Matters

Small churches and big churches are friends, coworkers, and spiritual siblings. We have far more in common than our differences.

But those differences are not insignificant.

For instance, when church leaders talk about how to get more productivity our of your weekly staff meetings, they assume several things that small churches can’t take for granted, such as

  • What if your staff are all volunteers?
  • Or just you and your family?
  • How do we coordinate everyone’s schedules to have a weekly staff meeting?

and so on.

These kinds of questions happen in virtually every aspect of church leadership. It’s just different in a small church.

Why A Podcast?

I’ve written about these issues regularly, but there’s something about this specific challenge that requires more than the written word. A lot of this needs to be more conversational.

Enter, podcast.

In Can This Work In A Small Church? we’ll tackle these issues head-on. Sometimes I’ll talk through an issue by myself. Sometimes I’ll chat with a guest.

But every time, we’ll ask and try to answer the question, “Can This Work In A Small Church?

Upcoming Episodes

So far, we’ve recorded episodes on

  • Can a Small Church Can Be an Effective Church?
  • Making a Positive Impact on Social Media (with Doug Bursch)
  • Can a Pastor Change the Culture of an Unhealthy Small Church?
  • Can We Create Better Conferences for Small Churches?

Many more are in process, including

  • Recovering and Thriving in the Post-Pandemic Church
  • Simplifying Ministry In a Small Church
  • Preparing For The Future By Leveraging Your Congregation’s Unique History
  • Influence Is The New Attendance

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