We Have A Podcast! Here Are The First 3 Episodes

Why would someone create a podcast called "Can This Work In A Small Church?" Because small churches are different.

You know how things don’t always go according to plan in a small church?

It can also be that way in a ministry for small churches.

A couple weeks ago I announced our big Podcast Launch Week. Well, that came and went with … no podcasts. Even though we gave ourselves a lot of lead time to work things out, there were a number of learning-curve glitches that took longer than usual.

But now, we have liftoff!

Can This Work In A Small Church? is now a reality!

Since you’ve waited so patiently for this to happen, we’re making the first three podcasts available right away. They’re on all major podcast platforms, including:


After this, new episodes will be available once a week.

The First Three Episodes

Introducing Can This Work In A Small Church

Why would someone create a podcast called “Can This Work In A Small Church?” Because small churches are different. A lot of what we learn from our big church friends needs to be tweaked for the small church environment. And sometimes they need to be done completely different.

In this episode, I introduce you to what this podcast is about, and what’s coming up.

Ep 001: Can A Small Church Can Be An Effective Church?

Yes, small churches can be strong, healthy and effective. In this opening episode, I look at the three main issues that must be in place in order for that to happen.

  1. Realize you can be effective.
  2. Discover how small churches function differently from big churches.
  3. Understand and use the unique DNA of your small church for God’s glory.

Ep 002: Making a Positive Impact on Social Media (with Doug Bursch)

An interview with Doug Bursch about his new book, Posting Peace. It’s all about how social media is impacting us so much that it even changes how we see ourselves and relate to each other. But Doug also offers hope for how we can be peacemakers and reconcilers in our online behavior.

As the first interview episode of this podcast, I introduce the Lightning Round questions, with questions and answers that are both profound and a little bit of fun.

Thank You’s

I’m so grateful to the following people for helping make this a reality:

  • Jack Wilkins, who composed and performed the theme and background music. Jack also edited all the episodes we’ve created so far. He can be reached at JackWilkinsMusic.com.
  • Veronica Beaver, who produced the episodes and participated in the editing of the podcasts and the episode logos.
  • Solomon Joy who created the podcast logo. He can be reached at Joyetic.com.
  • Shelley Vaters, who oversaw the troubleshooting, proofreading and correspondence.

Upcoming Episodes

We’ve already recorded episodes on

  • Can a Pastor Change the Culture of an Unhealthy Small Church?
  • Can We Create Better Conferences for Small Churches?
  • Dealing With “Decision Fatigue”

Many more are in process, including

  • Recovering and Thriving in the Post-Pandemic Church
  • Simplifying Ministry In a Small Church
  • Preparing For The Future By Leveraging Your Congregation’s Unique History
  • Influence Is The New Attendance

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