A Christian’s Guide To The Gender Revolution, with Dr. Vince Gil (Podcast Ep 023)

Karl Vaters interviews Dr. Vincent E. Gil about how to understand the current “gender moment,” and how to help pastors approach varied sex/gender concerns with our congregants and beyond.

In this podcast, I interview Dr. Vincent E. Gil, the author of A Christian’s Guide Through the Gender Revolution: Gender, Cisgender, Transgender, and Intersex (Cascade Publishing, 2021).

Dr. Gil taught human sexuality and counseled at a conservative Christian college for 38 years. He has been a consultant on sexual issues for church leaders and denominations, and is himself a licensed minister.

This is a sensitive subject that often causes division, or gets ignored due to some of the complexity and concerns. In this conversation Dr. Gil and I talk about how to understand the current “gender moment” and negotiate a better way than taking sides on issues.

Our conversation addresses issues of concern to pastors and provides a dialogue on how to approach varied sex/gender concerns in congregants and beyond.

(Our apologies for a technical issue. In the front half of the podcast there are several times when you can hear a thumping in the background while Dr. Gil is talking. We have done our best to limit it, but we were not able to remove it.)

Link from this Episode

Dr. Gil’s Webpage: drvincegil.com.

Dr. Gil’s recent book: A Christian’s Guide through the Gender Revolution: Gender, Cisgender, Transgender, and Intersex (2021). Available in paperback and Kindle editions from Amazon.com.

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