Recovering & Thriving In the Post-Pandemic Church: Pt. 2 (Podcast Ep 008)

The second of a two-part series in which Karl Vaters shares lessons from hundreds of small church pastors about responding, recovering and thriving through a challenging season.

There’s a lot of talk lately about what it will take to recover from what we’ve all been through over the past two years. And understandably so. It will take years for us to get a grip on what has happened, what’s still happening and how it’s still changing everything.

In this two-part series I share several lessons about responding, recovering and thriving through a challenging season. This information comes from hundreds of conversations I’ve had with small church pastors, denominational leaders and others over the last 18+ months.

In this episode (Part 2), I cover the four essential principles that have made the differences between

  1. Churches that struggled the most during the pandemic, and will continue to struggle in the future, and
  2. Churches that have stayed healthy, become stronger and are likely to thrive into the future.

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