Pastoral Transition, with Gary Garcia (Podcast Ep 017)

Karl Vaters interviews Gary Garcia again. This time about pastoral transition. Specifically, how Gary became the pastor after working for Karl, while Karl stayed on staff working for Gary.

My podcast guest this week is Gary Garcia — again.

This time we talk about Pastoral Transition from a unique perspective. I was Gary’s lead pastor for 25 years, then we transitioned to Gary being the lead pastor, while I stayed on the pastoral staff with him.

In this episode Gary and I talk about

  • Why that happened
  • How we did it
  • How it’s been going since

Some key points about making a successful pastoral transition will include:

  1. We need to know God is calling us to do it, even if it’s outside our comfort zone.
  2. We must spend the necessary time to talk, think and pray about it. It’s better to do it well than do it fast.
  3. Each needs to support the other. The former lead pastor must truly let go of control, and the new pastor needs to honor the past without being intimidated by it.

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