Teaching the Bible In Your Context, with Matt Whitman (Podcast Ep 032)

Karl Vaters talks with Matt Whitman, of the Ten Minute Bible Hour, about how to become better Bible teachers, whether online or in person.

This week I interview Matt Whitman, host of the Ten Minute Bible Hour podcast and YouTube channel.

Matt is a passionate Bible teacher who takes scripture very seriously, while keeping a light-hearted and light-handed approach to it.

We talk about the intersection of Bible teaching/preaching and pastoral care, including why everything Matt does in his ministry is to point people towards the Bible, Jesus, and the local church.

This conversation also covers:

  • The importance of our online presence
  • How to avoid the temptation of living by “clicks”
  • Taking care not to get stuck wandering down political and theological rabbit trails
  • Why teaching about the Bible is as important as teaching from the Bible

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