How To Find The Right Pastor/Church Fit, with Matt Steen (Podcast Ep 031)

Karl Vaters and Matt Steen have an discussion about the important question, "Can we slow down the revolving door for churches and pastors?"

This week I interview Matt Steen, a former pastor and church planter, now with Chemistry Staffing, a ministry that helps churches find great staff members (and helps staff members find great churches).

The episode is filled with practical advice, including

  • What’s changed in pastoral transition/placement over the last generation
  • How the pandemic has accelerated pastoral transitions
  • The five key principles to look for when looking for a new pastor or church

Of special help will be how Matt describes the difference between “close-fisted” and “open-handed” theological issues, as well as the importance of giving churches time to get used to a pastoral departure, and to get ready for a new pastor.

These principles are especially important in a small church context because the unique characteristics of the church need to be identified and accounted for in a pastoral search. And if they are, the so-called pastoral revolving door may just slow down for a lot of churches and pastors.

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