The Last CTWIASC Ever! And What’s Next (Special Bonus Episode)

After 19 months and 40 episodes, this is the final episode of the “Can This Work in a Small Church?” podcast!

Yes, you read that title right. This is the last episode.

But no, we aren’t stopping the podcast. In January, we’re changing the name.

In this special bonus episode, I have no guests. Instead, I talk about . . .

  • The three big reasons we’re changing the name
  • What the new direction will look like
  • What the new name of the podcast will be

So What's The New Name?

Here’s a sneak peek at the name and logo.

The Church Lobby: Conversations on Faith & Ministry!

This will let us keep the original small-church intent of the podcast, while opening our subject matter to a broader range of topics and audiences.

If you haven’t been following the podcast yet, subscribe to Can This Work In a Small Church? wherever you listen to podcasts and it will switch over automatically when the name changes. If you’re already subscribed, you don’t need to do anything.

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