Church Planting For Everyone, with Peyton Jones (Podcast Ep 021)

Karl Vaters interviews Peyton Jones about church planting, specifically how most of our common perceptions of church planting are built on a faulty foundation, and how to do better.

My podcast guest this week is Peyton Jones, a church planter and church planting specialist. He’s written several books, most recently, Church Plantology: The Art and Science of Planting Churches, which is the basis for this conversation.

Peyton and I talk about a lot of issues regarding church planting, but mostly about how most of our common perceptions of church planting are built on a faulty foundation. Not a church planter? Don’t let that stop you from listening. There’s a lot in this for every church leader.

Peyton has such a passion for the church, but I love that he has his priorities on order. That it’s about biblical principles before business ideas, listening to where God is leading you, not trying to copy what others are doing, and making disciples before planting churches. If we do this, a lot of churches who didn’t think they could plant, actually can, and a lot of existing churches can actually learn something about their own church situation by applying “so old they’re new” church planting principles from scripture.

Some principles include:

  1. The importance of seeing the difference between church starting and church planting
  2. The need to abandon methods that may have worked in the past, but don’t any more
  3. The value of thinking like explorers and discoverers of God’s principles, not inventors of new ideas

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