Bible Reading Coach, Week 52 (Revelation) The Apocalypse – It’s Not What You Think

This week we close our year of Bible reading with the only book that offers a blessing from God for those who read/hear it and take its message to heart.

This is it! Week 52!

And what a way to end this 52-week trip through the Bible, with the amazing, astonishing, at times very confusing, but ultimately very hopeful book of Revelation.

In this study, I’ll walk you through how to get the most out of Revelation by peeling away much of the confusion, and simplifying it in ways you never thought it could be simplified.

After this? Start the series again. This time, invite friends to do it with you.

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The Bible Reading Coach podcast is designed to help anyone read through the Bible in a year. In 10-15 minutes each Friday, I’ll introduce you to the passage for the following week, including:

  • What it’s about
  • How to deal with challenging passages
  • How the original readers saw it
  • How it applies today
  • And much more

After listening, take the next week to read the passage on your own. This time you’ll have a clearer understanding of it.

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