Bible Reading Coach, Week 50 (Titus, Philemon, Hebrews) To a Pastor, a Master, and Jewish Believers

When we realize Jesus is the High Priest, the sacrifice, and the God who receives the sacrifice, "enter boldly" takes on a whole new meaning.

This week we finish off the writings of Paul, with two very short letters. One (Titus) to a pastor, and another (Philemon) to a slave owner who was now a Christian. Philemon is a short, but complicated book about how a slave owner and a slave (both now Christians) should treat each other as brothers in Christ.

Then we’ll spend most of the week reading Hebrews, a book whose authorship is a mystery, but whose message couldn’t be clearer. It’s written to Jewish Christians to help them understand what it means to live as followers of Jesus, while still honoring their Jewish cultures, traditions, scriptures, and families.

The Bible Reading Coach podcast is designed to help anyone read through the Bible in a year. In 10-15 minutes each Friday, I’ll introduce you to the passage for the following week, including:

  • What it’s about
  • How to deal with challenging passages
  • How the original readers saw it
  • How it applies today
  • And much more

After listening, take the next week to read the passage on your own. This time you’ll have a clearer understanding of it.

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