Bible Reading Coach, Week 16 (1 Kings 1-18) Solomon Reigns, the Kingdom Splits

If God said he would give you anything, what would you ask for? Surprisingly, the only person God ever gave that offer to, got the answer right.

If God said he would give you anything, what would you ask for?

Before you answer, think about how bad it always goes in those “Three Wishes” genie stories.

However, in this week’s reading, that’s exactly what happens to Solomon, and he gets it right!

We know a lot about Solomon. He was one of two great kings of Israel, he wrote some of the Psalms, most of the Proverbs, Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes. But his time as king, though prosperous and eventful, doesn’t take much time to tell. It starts and ends this week in just 11 chapters.

Then the kingdom splits, and a prophet named Elijah steps up as they go into a long, terrible slide into one of the darkest times of their history. It’s a rough era for them, but it makes for fascinating reading for us – and it has a lot of great lessons that apply today.

The Bible Reading Coach podcast is designed to help anyone read through the Bible in a year. In 10-15 minutes each Friday, I’ll introduce you to the passage for the following week, including:

  • What it’s about
  • How to deal with challenging passages
  • How the original readers saw it
  • How it applies today
  • And much more

After listening, take the next week to read the passage on your own. This time you’ll have a clearer understanding of it.

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