Bible Reading Coach, Week 14 (1 Samuel 20-31 & 2 Samuel 1-8) David: From Fugitive to King

Israel's Glory Days were truly magnificent. But they were surprisingly short, and they came at a fearful price.

As we move from the last half of 1 Samuel to the beginning of 2 Samuel we’ll see that it’s really the continuation of one long book. As we saw last week, they were probably only split into two books because it was too big for one scroll.

But they split it in a purposeful place. 1 Samuel covers the ministry of Samuel and kingdom of Saul. 2 Samuel is the kingdom of David.

David is one of the great people of the Bible. In this week’s reading we’ll see a couple important characteristics:

  • David’s integrity. Though far from perfect, David always seeks to do the honorable thing. Even when on the run from king Saul he behaves like the king he is called to be.
  • David, the worshiper. He always give thanks and praise to God first.

The Bible Reading Coach podcast is designed to help anyone read through the Bible in a year. In 10-15 minutes each Friday, I’ll introduce you to the passage for the following week, including:

  • What it’s about
  • How to deal with challenging passages
  • How the original readers saw it
  • How it applies today
  • And much more

After listening, take the next week to read the passage on your own. This time you’ll have a clearer understanding of it.

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