De-sizing the Church (pt 10): First Reactions from Church Leaders (ep 078)

De-sizing the Church is getting very strong reactions. These conversations will give you a taste of that, and why it may be time to check it out yourself.

As we come to the end of our ten-part series based on De-sizing the Church, here are portions of some conversations I’ve had with five church leaders from various backgrounds about their first reactions to reading the book.

  • Drew Dyck (author and editor) talks about the dangers of Christian celebrity.
  • Peyton Jones (author and church planter) discusses how churches operating under the church growth paradigm are more likely to be in decline than growth.
  • Greg Atkinson (author and church consultant) highlights the importance of broadening our understanding of church size and health.
  • Stan Givens (pastor) comments on the importance of churches working together, and the essential role of discipleship.
  • Sean Nemecek (author and soul care coach) looks at the high rates of burnout due to chasing numbers, and digs into the revivalist history of the Great Awakenings.

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