Practical Ideas that Work In Small Churches, with Laurie Acker (ep 80)

If you're looking for small-church specific resources that anyone can use, this episode is a must-listen.

Volunteers are essential in helping small churches survive and thrive in a changing world.

Laurie Acker and I talk about the changing face of small church ministry, especially as it relates to recruiting, training, and relying on those essential volunteers.

Laurie runs, which provides resources and support for volunteers and ministry leaders in smaller churches. Ministries like this are so important because they help provide practical help for the volunteers who do small-church ministry without any prior training.

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Bonus Content

Using a Planning Party to Get Youth/Kids Ministry Going In the Small Church

In this week’s Bonus Content, Laurie Acker presents some ideas for how to jump-start youth and kids’ ministry in a small church with a Planning Party, including who should be involved, when to hold the meeting, and more.

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