Why Proximity and Longevity Matter in Pastoral Ministry, with Alan Briggs (Podcast Ep 036)

Long-term pastoral ministry may be even more important for small-church ministry effectiveness than it is for our big-church friends.

This is such a good and important interview with Alan Briggs, a pastor, the author of Staying is the New Going, the host of the Right Side Up Leadership podcast and StayForth.com.

Alan and I talk about why geography matters in church leadership. Especially in an increasingly-mobile and increasingly-electronic world, staying planted where God put you is more important than ever for effective, incarnational ministry.

Staying in a church long-term may have its challenges, but they are far outweighed by their advantages – for the church, the pastors, the pastor’s family, and the community they’re called to serve.

Some important topics we cover include:

  • Why are American pastors especially transient, and what problems does this cause?
  • What does it mean to choose to be a local even if you aren’t a native?
  • The importance of “faithful presence”
  • Why sabbaticals matter, and why doing them with a plan is essential

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