Two Lists: One for Healthy Churches, One for Big Churches – And They Don’t Overlap

to do list 1240 x 697Do all healthy things grow? Yes.

Do all healthy churches become big churches? No.

But many of us have been ministering under that false assumption. We’ve been told there’s one set of ingredients. Use them to become a healthy church and it will inevitably become a big church.

The truth is, there’s not just one list of ingredients. There are two lists.

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4 thoughts on “Two Lists: One for Healthy Churches, One for Big Churches – And They Don’t Overlap”

  1. I love this post Karl. Right now at our small church we are right in the middle of a teaching series that is all about shifting our thinking to the great commandment and the great commission. For us I believe getting back to the basics on things we lead to growth in numbers, but I think it happens because we’ve committed to health above the addiction to “bigness”. We will never be a huge Church because we are in a community of only about 5000 people, but what has happened to us over the years is a dis-engagement from the community. People’s perception of us is innocuous at best as we are either confused with other Churches, or we are the Church with the all the steps. At it’s worst, and I am confronted in the community daily by people who hold this view “you are that Church were “that” family goes and I don’t “belong” there. The bad thing about it is that it is not that “that” family is mean spirited or doing anything wrong. There may be some history that I am not aware of, but as things are right now, “that” family is a pretty cool group of people! So I think I have a good place to start, and I feel like the “health” message is starting to take root. Anyway, I shared this post on our church’s facebook page and hope that it will go towards helping our peeps take more steps towards health. Love you man and I appreciate all the work you do and all the support you have given me these past few years. One of these days I need to fly out and pick your brain over some tasty vittles!

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