The Endlessly Fascinating Microbiology Of Small Church Ministry

“What you’re doing with small churches is great, but won’t you have to expand your vision at some point? I mean, how much more is there to say or learn about small churches?”

“How much is there to learn about small churches? I don’t know. How much is there to learn about microbiology?

“Just because microbiologists limit their study to small organisms doesn’t mean they’ll run out of valuable principles to discover, unexpected ideas to apply, or new ways their work can bless humanity. In fact, they don’t weaken their contribution to science by narrowing their focus, they strengthen it. When we narrow our field of study we can go deeper and get more out of it. For us and others.”

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2 thoughts on “The Endlessly Fascinating Microbiology Of Small Church Ministry”

  1. Another analogy would be teachers of different ages. A primary school teacher is no less important than a university professor. Or maybe a coach of an amateur sports team. Some players may become international stars, but not all will, or need to. They may have other priorities

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