The Big Ask: Another No-Fault Reason Most Churches Will Never Be Mega

ask sign“Most churches will never be mega, because you can’t build megachurches on regular givers alone. You need some huge donors. And there’s not one pastor in a million who can successfully do The Big Ask. Who can put their arm around the shoulder of a wealthy donor and convince them to donate a million dollars.”

Recently, someone cited that quote to me after hearing it from a megachurch pastor.

Here are seven important truths we need to know about The Big Ask:

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1 thought on “The Big Ask: Another No-Fault Reason Most Churches Will Never Be Mega”

  1. You are right about the biggest ask, “to send out workers into his harvest field.” (Luke 10:2) This is a completely different kind of ask than asking a rich man to make a large gift. Something I have observed about big asks is that they seem to never be about “sending out workers”, specially to where the gospel has not gone yet. What percent of big asks are for facilities? 99%? I’ve never heard of a capital campaign for reaching all nations, the core of the great commission and the heart of God purposes for us. That tells a very sad story about American believers vision for the stewardship of a big ask.

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