The Small Church Worship Advantage, with Teresa Stewart (Ep 068)

Did you know there are tools specifically for crafting worship in small settings? To find them we need to turn to an old source—aesthetics.

Have you ever felt like your church is “less than” because you don’t have a worship experience with the talented musicians you’ve seen in larger churches? According to Teresa Stewart, not only is that not needed for an excellent worship experience, but the small church actually has advantages that are not always available to our big-church friends.

In this conversation, Karl Vaters talks with Teresa Stewart about some of those advantages, including:

  • The Happy Birthday Effect
  • Seeing and adjusting our aesthetic cues
  • Stone Soup planning
  • The value of small-church symbols
  • How to ask better questions about our worship experience
  • And so much more

Teresa Stewart is the author of The Small Church Advantage: Seven Powerful Worship Practices that Work Best in Small Settings.

Teresa’s approach is simple, practical, and applicable in most small-church settings. She challenges some of the ways we’ve thought about small-church worship, offers viable alternatives, then gives some wonderful step-by-step advice about how to curate worship to be more participatory without letting chaos reign.

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