Smile When You Talk On The Phone

Why should I smile when I’m talking on the phone? Unless it’s a video chat, the listener can’t see me smile.

Because they can hear me smile.

Yes, you can hear a smile.

The same goes for talking on the radio, a podcast, or while preaching a sermon. Smiling when you talk changes the way your voice sounds.

A smile gives your voice a more inviting, uplifting tone. It welcomes people in. And, for an introvert like me, who has a general dislike of talking on the phone, a smile works its way from my face to my mood.

Our emotions go from the outside in far more often than from the inside out. So smiling while doing something I otherwise dislike actually helps make it bearable, sometimes even enjoyable.
Besides, the gospel is good news. That’s worth a smile.

When you smile, they know it. And the good news starts feeling good to them, too.

The Church Does Not Exist to Entertain Us – Or Bore Us

I don’t go to church to be entertained.

I also don’t go to church to be bored.

I go to worship.
I go to read and hear from God’s word.
I go to be taught.
I go to be challenged.
I go to be discipled.
I go to fellowship with other believers.
I go to be inspired into action.

When we reduce the gathering of God’s people to an entertainment venue, we don’t enhance it, we diminish it.

The only thing worse? Boring people with the gospel.

Let Them Lean In: The Power a Subtle Gospel

What if the church, instead of yelling louder, gave a noise-soaked world something they had to lean in to? Instead trying to catch the attention of an overwhelmed culture with even more sound and fury, what if we undermined the dominant communications paradigm by doing something truly counter-cultural – a subtle gospel?

Maybe whispering the gospel is better than yelling it. At least in some situations.

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