Let Them Lean In: The Power a Subtle Gospel

hugging 1240 x 697What if the church, instead of yelling louder, gave a noise-soaked world something they had to lean in to? Instead trying to catch the attention of an overwhelmed culture with even more sound and fury, what if we undermined the dominant communications paradigm by doing something truly counter-cultural – a subtle gospel?

Maybe whispering the gospel is better than yelling it. At least in some situations.

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2 thoughts on “Let Them Lean In: The Power a Subtle Gospel”

  1. Karl,
    I’m reminded of the hymn, Softly and Tenderly. So, what are some examples of “whispering the gospel”? Just wondering. One way I can think of that I’ve been using for a while is biblical storying–putting the text in my own words and sharing it as a narrative linked with a situation, or my own life, or the life of the person I’m speaking to.

    1. Actually, I don’t have specific examples. I figured I’d leave that up to each context. Mostly, I think it’s about doing the Gospel. Like I wrote, “What if, instead of hitting them over the head, we spoke forcefully, but softly? With our actions more than our words? What if the power of an active, compassionate church made a jaded culture want to lean in to hear more? What if we decided to let our good deeds (Matt 5:16) speak louder than our new building plans, our Facebook rants and our partisan politics?”

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