Dealing With Burnout In Ministry, with Sean Nemecek (Ep 045)

For pastors who are wondering if they're dealing with with burnout. (Hint: if you think you are, you probably are.)

In this episode I interview Sean Nemecek, author of the just-released book, The Weary Leader’s Guide to Burnout: A Journey from Exhaustion to WholenessIn this episode we’re talking to pastors who are wondering if they might be dealing with burnout in ministry.

Sean walks us through the following steps:

  • What is burnout, and why does it seem to be on the rise, lately?
  • How do I know if what I’m struggling with is burnout?
  • How do I take steps to recover from burnout?
  • How do I protect myself from future burnout?

Sean also works with pastors through Pastor-in-Residence Ministries (, where his primary focus is on coaching pastors through burnout and recovery.

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