How to Know If You Need to De-size

Welcome to the Beta Test of our survey.

In the future, we're planning upgrades that will point you to detailed steps you can take, based on your answers. For now you'll receive a simple number grade to help you know if you have some de-sizing work to do.

  • 0–15: Congratulations! You’ve de-sized!
  • 16–35: Not bad, but you have some work to do.
  • 36–50: You have a lot of work to do.

The higher your score, the more obsessed you are with size, and the more de-sizing you’ll need to do to.

Be honest. It won’t work otherwise. And no one else needs to know.

1. When you describe how well/poorly your church is doing, do you tend to use numbers?

2. Is your mood or behavior significantly affected by your church’s attendance numbers?

3. Do you ever exaggerate your church’s attendance figures?

4. Do you ever interpret a drive for bigger numbers as an expression of greater faith?

5. Do you ever feel like your church or ministry is less valuable than someone else’s because yours is smaller? Or that a church is better because it’s bigger?

6. Do you feel personal pride when your church numbers increase, or shame when they decrease?

7. Do you believe pastors of larger churches are more qualified to teach you about ministry than those who serve in smaller churches?

8. Have you ever overlooked someone’s questionable moral behavior (possibly your own) because of numerical results?

9. Do you assume a church must be stuck or broken if attendance isn’t increasing?

10. Can you describe what a healthy church looks like without using numbers?