Pastoral Transition: Setting Your Church Up For Ministry Success After You’re Gone

Following a long-term, successful pastorate is one of the hardest callings in ministry.

It should be one of the easiest. After all, if we’re doing pastoral ministry right, we should set up the next pastor for an even greater level of ministry success than we had.

Here are five points pastors can work on to help that happen.

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2 thoughts on “Pastoral Transition: Setting Your Church Up For Ministry Success After You’re Gone”

  1. Robert Van House

    I learned from a colleague when young to develop a “Successor” file. It lists times and places of meetings, who has the keys, a very brief review of members, including those who died or became inactive (and my observation of why).I put in who does what, and positions outside of the church. Who cleans the church, folds bulletins, changes light bulbs, picks up the mail? I try to add things that are current such as repairs to the building, lawn care, and since have people in 60’s and above. we have a common agreement that when roads are slick, we don’t want people to get injured trying to be faithful in worship, so we automatically cancel worship until a better environment occurs. I attempt to put in what will get my successor off and running with background information, equipment available (and ages). Where to find the restroom and church history in the file cabinet.

    I haven’t heard from any of my successors, but I don’t do this for gratitude, but to give them some heads up on getting a running start.

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