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The Over-Enthusiastic Volunteer Syndrome

One of the best characteristics of many Small Churches is that everyone wants to pitch in. One of the worst characteristics of many Small Churches is that everyone wants to pitch in. Sometimes that volunteer spirit has great results. Sometimes…not so much. The split-screen photograph in this post is an especially hilarious example of the

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Could You Be OK Giving Your Success Away?

We want numbers to verify our successes. There are two huge problems with that sentence – and they’re found in the words “numbers” and “our”. First, not all successes have numbers to verify them. Second, the successes of the church are not our successes. We need to start getting comfortable, in the first instance, with

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You May Be a Small Church Pastor and Not Even Know It

Are you a small church pastor? Seems like an easy question, right? But it doesn’t have an easy answer. Many Small Church pastors don’t know they’re Small Church pastors. I’ll tell you why in a minute. But first, here’s a short quiz you can take to find out if you’re a Small Church pastor. 1.

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Can Measuring a Church Hurt It?

Earlier this week, I wrote a couple mini-rants in the comment sections of two ministry websites. The authors of the blogs weren’t the targets of my frustration. They actually brought up some good ideas. But the underlying issues got me going, so I jumped in. Here’s what the blogs posted about, followed by what I

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No TLCs (Timid Little Churches)

New Small Church is not about timid little churches. It’s not about pastors and leaders who operate out of guilt or fear. It’s not about congregations that don’t want to move forward. And it’s definitely not about settling for less. It is about discovering who we are as churches, leaders and congregations, then using that

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