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Only In a Small Church: Personalized Major League Coaching

“I’m taking my family to a bigger church.” I doubt if there’s a Small Church pastor that hasn’t felt the pain of hearing those words. I was reminded of that pain while getting re-acquainted with a friend over coffee a few weeks ago. My friend is a semi-volunteer staff member at a church that used

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Why I Love The Church

I love the church. For a lot of years, “I love Jesus, but not the church” or “I love the church – in spite of everything” has been a cool thing for a lot of Christians to say. I used to be one of those people. Not any more. I love the church. No apologies.

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Small Church Hall of Fame: Jesus Was a Small Church Pastor

Jesus was a Small Church pastor? I think so. Let me show you. Jesus didn’t pastor the crowds. He taught them. Just before teaching and eventually feeding the largest crowd recorded in the Gospels, Jesus called them “sheep without a shepherd”. That’s like calling them “a church without a pastor.” Think about that. Jesus was

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Small Church Choices – Make More of Them

“The reason your church stays small is because you’re making Small Church choices.” That quote has been repeated many times as an undisputed Church Growth Movement truism. But it’s inside-out. My church isn’t small because I make Small Church choices. I make Small Church choices because my church is small. And I plan to keep

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The Astonishing Power of Small Churches: Looking Ahead

Imagine how different the world would look, if over billion people transformed by the Gospel of Jesus strategically placed by the hand of God in groups averaging 50 or so tucked into every corner of the world decided to really say “yes” to God. The Gospel of Jesus, packaged in Small Churches, is the most

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The Astonishing Power of Small Churches: How Did We Miss This?

How can one billion people be doing something, and the world not stand up and take notice? More specifically, how can one billion people be doing something within a very narrowly defined niche, and the leaders in that niche not value it? Imagine if there were one billion people who preferred adding a tablespoon of

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