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Bringing Innovation to an Established Small Church

Why bother trying to resurrect an old, dying church? I’ve heard that question a lot. There was a time when it seemed like every pastor I went to Bible College with was pastoring a dynamic, growing church, but me. They followed church growth principles and started new churches. In a few years they were buying

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Becoming an Innovative Small Church: Start In the Shallow End

Change is hard. Don’t make it harder than it has to be. If I could only give one piece of advice to pastors struggling to turn a dying, unhealthy, static Small Church into a fresh, healthy, innovative one, this would be it. Do the easy parts first. It’s a basic principle of life that we

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You Can Overcome Small Church Discouragements

Sometimes the most dangerous threat to the truth is not a lie, it’s a lesser truth. Lies are usually easy to spot, but lesser truths are harder because …well… they’re still true. At virtually every moment of our lives, there are at least two truths battling for our heart. A greater truth and a lesser truth. The

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What Do Congregations Want in a Pastor? Surprise! It’s Us!

If you asked a few hundred church members what characteristics they were searching for in a pastor, what do you think they’d say? You don’t have to wonder. Thom Rainer asked that question a while ago and published the top ten responses on his blog last week. When I first read the list, I smiled.

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20 Years Pastoring My Small Church: The Joys

So what’s the point of it all? As hard as pastoral ministry can be, why would anyone want to stay in the same Small Church for two decades and counting? Because, as wild as the ride can be sometimes, the joys far outweigh the challenges. Here are just a few. (Today is the last of

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20 Years Pastoring My Small Church: The Cautions

What now? I have 20 years under my belt as the pastor of my Small Church. 30 in pastoral ministry all together. Since there aren’t a lot of us that get to this landmark, there’s not a lot of advice about what to do next. One thing I know for sure. I don’t want more

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