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20 Years Pastoring My Small Church: The Joys

So what’s the point of it all? As hard as pastoral ministry can be, why would anyone want to stay in the same Small Church for two decades and counting? Because, as wild as the ride can be sometimes, the joys far outweigh the challenges. Here are just a few. (Today is the last of

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20 Years Pastoring My Small Church: The Cautions

What now? I have 20 years under my belt as the pastor of my Small Church. 30 in pastoral ministry all together. Since there aren’t a lot of us that get to this landmark, there’s not a lot of advice about what to do next. One thing I know for sure. I don’t want more

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20 Years Pastoring My Small Church: The Keys

The average length of a pastorate isn’t much over 2 years. In Small Churches, it’s lower. It’s a high-stress job, with long hours, high demands, emotional extremes and little (sometimes no) monetary compensation. But last month was my 20th year at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. And last night my Small Church threw a party for me

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Grasshopper Myth: My Church Can’t Compete With Megachurches

OK, so technically, this one’s true. My church can’t compete with megachurches. Trying to do what they do on a Small Church scale would, did, and does lead to disaster and burnout. What makes the statement a myth is that it’s built on a faulty premise. The premise that we’re supposed to be like megachurches,

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Surprising Insights About Church Growth from Small Church Members

People love Small Churches. It’s pastors who have a problem with them. The Grasshopper Myth book has been in the hands of the members of my church for about a month. And I’m currently teaching through the principles of it on Sunday mornings. (They’re being recorded and will be podcast here soon.) So the feedback

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The 11th Reason Pastors Quit Too Soon

Pastoral ministry is hazardous work. Study after study shows the burnout rate for people in full-time ministry is high and growing. Tim Peters tackled this issue with a very helpful post, 10 Real Reasons Pastors Quit Too Soon. As I read it, I noticed something missing from his list. And it may be the most

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