Rethink Orange Conference | 2019

Affinity Group: Equipping the People You Have to Reach the People You Don’t Have

Taught by Karl Vaters

The pastoral prime mandate: to equip God’s people for works of service (Ephesians 4:11-12)

The three essential elements of a healthy, effective church:

  1. Great Commandment
  2. Great Commission
  3. Equipping God’s people
  • Unhealthy churches aren’t doing the Great Commandment, the Great Commission or equipping God’s people
  • Loving, but ineffective churches are doing the Great Commandment, but not the Great Commission or equipping God’s people
  • Overwhelmed pastors are doing the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, but are not equipping God’s people
  • Healthy, effective churches and pastors are doing all three

Breakout: How Do I Lead a Small Church To Thrive, Not Settle

Taught by Karl Vaters

“Over 90% of our churches are under 200, over 80% are under 100”

  • First Reaction: Oh no!
  • Second Reaction: So what?
  • Final Reaction: Now what?

1. Know your small church can be an effective church

People will come to small churches, but they won’t give up quality to do so

2. Know how small churches function differently from big churches

Many big church principles don’t translate well to a small church context

The law of large numbers: the bigger the crowd, the more predictably they behave

3. Understand and use the unique DNA of your small church for God’s glory

Big churches prioritize process, systems & programs

(Need help changing your church culture? I recommend Dirt Matters, by Jim Powell.)

It’s OK for a pastor’s vision to be helping God’s people fulfill their vision • • @KarlVaters •

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