How Churches Can Stop Burning Out Pastors, with Josh Taylor (Ep 059)

Good stewardship of a pastor’s time and energy should not be measured by what they do, but by what they focus on.

Burnout is a huge issue among pastors. But did you know there’s a simple (but not simplistic) way to start addressing and reducing burnout? And that your congregation can help you with it?

That’s the premise of my conversation with Josh Taylor, based on his book, A Preach Well Church: How Churches Can Stop Burning Out Pastors.

Josh and I talk about what causes ministry stress, and how to start relieving that stress by doing the two primary tasks pastors are called to do – preaching and prayer.

We also talk about:

  • How good stewardship of a pastor’s time and energy should not be measured by what they do, but by what they focus on – prayer and preaching
  • That focusing on prayer and preaching does not – and should never – mean neglecting the other hands-on aspects of pastoral care
  • That planning and prioritizing our sermon prep time doesn’t just help us be better preachers, but it reduces the urgency, allowing us to be better caregiving pastors as well
  • and more

Bonus Chat

How Prayer Helps Reduce Ministry Stress (with Josh Taylor)

While stress reduction is not the main reason for prayer, it is a wonderful, often under-appreciated side effect in three ways:

  • It reminds us we are not alone
  • It’s not just about getting things from God, but about giving things to him
  • It gives us strength to handle criticism

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