Help! We’re Small Church Pastors! (Podcast)

Help! I'm a Small Church Pastor! (Podcast)It’s podcast time!

Every month in 2014 I’ll be recording a podcast with Jeff Keady and Jonny Craig of In each podcast, we’ll take one of my posts from The Essentials list and use it as a jumping-off point for discussion.

In this month’s podcast we talk about the importance of acknowledging reality. Namely, if you’re a Small Church pastor admit it, then be great at it.

I’ve also included links to the previous podcasts Jeff, Jonny and I have recorded. Click on any title or logo and it will take you to 200Churches com, where you can listen on your computer or download it to your phone, iPod or any other MP3 player, and take it with you to listen later.


Today’s Podcast

200Churches logoHelp! We’re Small Church Pastors!

Are you a pastor? Is your church small? Congratulations! You’re a Small Church pastor! This podcast presents the ideas from my post, I Am a Small Church Pastor, and I Am Not a Failure“, which is taken from the first chapter of The Grasshopper Myth. In this podcast, I share with Jeff & Jonny how I discovered that it’s possible for a church to be both great and small. There’s some straight talk and a lot of laughs here, too. (Episode 51 – 34:36 run time)



Previous Podcasts (newest to oldest) 

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When Small Is Your Only Option

A follow-up podcast on my trip to Germany and Croatia. It’s a blunt conversation that includes some talk about the difficulties European Christian churches have faced from American church growth experts telling them what they’re “doing wrong.” (Episode 41 – 34:05 run time)



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The Story

This is my first talk with Jeff and Jonny. In it, I share the story of how I tried and failed in my attempt to follow church growth principles, then redefined success and found fulfillment in healthy Small Church pastoral ministry. This is a great introduction to and The Grasshopper Myth. (Episode 31 – 33:13 run time)


Keep coming back for more. By the end of 2014, we’ll have one podcast for each of The Essentials.

And while you’re at, check out the other great posts and podcasts they have to offer. You’ll also want to subscribe to their website because you don’t miss anything these guys put out.


So what do you think? Can you be OK with the fact that you’re a Small Church pastor?

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