The Value of Pastoral Longevity, Gary Garcia interviews Karl Vaters (Ep 064)

If the Lord leads you to a church you can pastor for decades, live with integrity among them and see what God will do.

This is the first of two very special episodes that we’re doing in back-to-back weeks instead of our usual bi-weekly schedule.

In January 2024, Shelley and I were honored by our home church as we ended 31 years on the pastoral staff. The first 25 years as lead pastor, six years as teaching pastor. This, and the next episode of The Church Lobby are taken from that Sunday service.

This episode features an on-stage interview, in which Gary Garcia (Cornerstone’s current lead pastor), asks me about our time at Cornerstone. It’s a helpful look at the value of longevity for the pastor and the church and some insights into how we did such a healthy pastoral transition.

Be sure to stick around after the interview for some of my important takeways for people in ministry.

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You can watch the entire service on the CornerstoneFV YouTube channel, here.

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