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How To Edit & Title A Photo For Free On Canva

In last week’s How-To Video, I took a step-by-step look at where I go to find and download high-quality photos online that are completely free and legal to use.

But what do you do with that photo after you find it? There are a lot of photo-editing apps and programs out there, many of which cost a lot and require some serious skill to use. Those are great if you’re a pro, doing complex work. But what most of us want is something simple, like cropping a photo to the right size, then adding a title over it, much like you can see in the lead photo for this article.

In this How-To Video, my daughter Veronica shows me how she does that for my articles, and you see it all on camera and in a live screen-capture that you can follow easily. To do that, we use Canva, which has become the industry standard, because it’s free, it looks great, and it’s easy to use.

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