Is It Wrong If I Don’t Want My Church to Grow?

One of the foundational beliefs of the church growth movement is that every church should desire to grow. And if you don’t want your church to grow, there’s something wrong. Probably something wrong with you.

So let me get right to it and answer the question in today’s title.

Is it wrong if I don’t want my church to grow? YES.

Always. Without reservation. No excuses allowed. No “buts” added. It is always wrong when a follower of Jesus, and especially a church leader, doesn’t want their church to grow.

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1 thought on “Is It Wrong If I Don’t Want My Church to Grow?”

  1. I wonder how many people would say they don’t want their church to grow out of a fear of some of the popular church movements. They may not be answering the question but instead answering what they link to the question – do you want to become a mega church? A better question to ask maybe – how many don’t want to be a part of influencing lives in their community with the love of Jesus? Maybe not the best wording but it does avoid the pitfall of an answer based on an assumption about the meaning behind the question.

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