What If We Made Disciples And Left Church Growth To God?


We’re often told that one of the reasons so many churches remain small is lack of faith. But I wonder… Could it be that the reverse is true? Might our obsession with bigger and bigger churches be rooted in a lack of faith?

Are we afraid that God might not do his part (building his church) if we simply stayed faithful to do our part (making disciples)? Is it possible that the glut of church growth books, seminars and classes in the last few decades has been our attempt to help God out?

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2 thoughts on “What If We Made Disciples And Left Church Growth To God?”

  1. Belonging to God allows Him to lead us to the church He wants us to attend. It seems people are more likely to attend a church and hope it leads them to belong to God – with this point of view people feel they need to be apart of what appears to be the most successful church and in our society that means the biggest. Health is not part of the equation.

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