The Power of Prayer In Church Revitalization, with Lavern E. “Bud” Brown (Ep 058)

What if your congregation was praying New Testament prayers for church revitalization?

There are so many books about how to turn a lifeless church around. Most concentrate on the pastor’s role. But what about the role of the congregation members? In small churches, this is especially important.

I talk with Bud Brown about how to help the congregation become agents of life and hope in a dying church through the power of prayer, from the content of his book, Lifeless to New Life: Biblical prayers to resurrect the lifeless church, including:

  • The importance of praying the evangelistic prayers of the New Testament
  • Preparing the soil to receive a fresh vision
  • How to help a congregation embrace deep transition, not just surface change

Bonus Chat

The 8 Prayers We Need For Church Revitalization, with Bud Brown

There are eight specific types of prayers the New Testament tells us to pray.

In the bonus content for this episode, I talk with Bud Brown about each of those prayer types, including what those prayers are, why they matter, and how they apply in church turnarounds.

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