The Power of Forgiveness, with Dr. Bruce & Toni Hebel (Ep 052)

We all want to be forgiven, but we have a hard time forgiving. This conversation will help.

Forgiveness may be the most desired, but among the least understood virtues found in scripture, and in life. 

Karl talks with Dr. Bruce & Toni Hebel, co-authors of Forgiving Forward: Unleashing the Forgiveness Revolution, about the power of forgiveness, including some ideas that may feel counterintuitive. So lean in and hear the biblical foundation they’re building on. It may even reframe this entire issue for you.

They also provide answers to questions such as:

  • Why is forgiveness so hard to do?
  • What are some of the dangers of unforgiveness?
  • What are some of the blessings of forgiveness?
  • What if someone is having a hard time forgiving?

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The 7 Protocols of Forgiveness with Dr. Bruce & Toni Hebel (The Church Lobby, Bonus Content on YouTube)

The authors of Forgiving Forward: Unleashing the Forgiveness Revolution talk with Karl Vaters about the ingredients that go into forgiveness from a biblical standpoint. This is exclusive content for sponsors and subscribers at

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