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Reimagining Missions Strategy In The Small/Mid-Size Church (Webinar Series)

Three free webinars that give small/mid-size churches a practical, step-by-step process to reimagine a missions strategy to meet the fast-changing needs of our congregations and the people we’re called to reach.

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Video Ministry Using Devices You Already Own, with Craig Forrest (Podcast Ep 6)

Karl Vaters interviews Craig Forrest, who’s spent decades shooting and editing film and video for ministries and network TV.

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Coming Back Better: Leading Your Congregation Out Of A Traumatic Time (Webinar July 14)

You, your leadership team, and everyone in your church have been impacted on multiple levels over the last year. Are you going to pick up where you left off or move forward toward something greater?

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Small Church Conferences: with Dale Sellers, Chris Vitarelli, Carl & Kalani Culley (Podcast Ep 5)

A conversation with four people who host conferences for small church leaders. Including the importance of having better small church representation at big church leadership conferences.

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Decision Fatigue, with Ira Antoine (Podcast Ep 4)

This is an important conversation about the important subject of Decision Fatigue. You know, that exhaustion you feel when there are Just. Too. Many. Decisions. To. Be. Made. And. No. One. Else. To. Make. Them!

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