How-To Videos

How To Create An Online Bulletin Using Google Docs

Technology is always changing. There was a time when printing a new bulletin every week was a cutting-edge technical advancement. Now, the online bulletin is quickly becoming the standard.

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Church & Culture

Clarity And Hope For The Church In Christian-Minority America

You can live a vibrant faith in Christ even when it is a minority expression. There are strong, healthy, missional churches in the post-Christian pockets of the country and the world. In fact, those churches are often stronger and more mission-minded because we have to be.

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The Gospel Of Failure (A Good Friday Reflection)

The gospel was built on failure. The good news started as very bad news. It was never supposed to work. For a long time, it looked like it never would.

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Innovative Ministry

Simple Tips To Have a Better Zoom Call

Our church uses LinkTree for our online bulletin because it’s so easy for anyone to set up, and just as easy for church members to navigate. In this video I show you how to set up and use LinkTree, by actually creating an account with a live screen-capture.

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11 Lessons From The Lockdown That Pastors And Churches Can Build On

Spiritual growth is what kept strong congregations together and should have been our metric for “success” all along. Let’s not go back to counting butts in the seats as our standard ever again.

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